Who we are.

With the young culture of our agency we are always looking forward to the next exciting opportunity.  Contact us to learn more about promotional events and how they can be effective for your business.




Whether your company is looking to promote a specific product, brand, event, or campaign, MyCity Promotions is highly effective and guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Providing Promotional Talent in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Michigan.

MyCity Promotions has the capability to staff events of all sizes.  With our industry knowledge, we have created a simple and efficient process to meet the demands of all clients.  Available at all hours, MyCity Promotions takes pride in our strong work ethic and dedicated team.

All MyCity Promotions talent is competitively selected based on enthusiasm, communication skills, beauty, personality and reliability.  All models are individually reviewed and booked because of their impressive resumes and portfolios.  Our highly selective casting process ensures a comprehensive yet exceptional database.

Client satisfaction has always been our first priority.  After creating many rock solid relationships with the brands we promote in order to understand their products, goals, and visions - our agency has grasped the importance of marketing solutions that involve synergy.